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Television was introduced in the country with the main objective of using it for educational purposes. The first experimental television service in India was inaugurated in Delhi in 1959.

During 1960-61, a series of social education programmes were telecast and curriculum based school television programmes were launched in Delhi on an experimental basis.

Television was introduced in the schools with the major aim of providing experiences and facilities that the school could not afford to provide, to fill in gaps in the curricula, to maximize the learning opportunities and to improve the teaching- learning processes.

Educational Television (ETV) was found to be very effective in improving the academic performance of students, increasing their interest in science and improving the standard of teaching. Regular TV service was launched in Delhi in 1965.

However, the expansion of ETV service took place only from 1972 onwards, when an educational technology programme was initiated, which was directed at utilizing communication technologies for bringing about qualitative improvement in education, widening access to education, and reducing existing educational disparities between different sections of the population.

The scheme was formulated in the context of expansion of television facilities and the use of a, satellite being made available for educational purposes: It was intended to stimulate the use of television as well as other instructional media like radio and film to bring about qualitative improvement in education.

Under this scheme several facilities were expanded and new infrastructure created for software development in radio and television.

The availability of satellite and plans for expansion of satellite technology for TV and radio network opened up new avenues for the large scale use of the mass media in education. School TV programmes are part of regional service.

The school programmes are Doordarshan production with active involvement of the state educational administrators and teachers. These are curriculum based programmes.