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제   목 : Learning history is good or bad?  
이름 : 박영미 날짜 : 2019-04-22
Some people insist that learning history is useless in our real life due to the fact that it is a kind of old school. However, I firmly believe that children should learn about history.

To the begin with, children can see a whole process to start with one decision through learning history. In the history, lots of people decided and got results from them. So it is a easy way to know which is right and which is wrong. In order to this reason, it is quite educational.

On top of that we can know ourselves well from history, too.
I want to say that the word “ethnicity”, which includes people from a same country have similar behaviours and thinkings. When we go to the restaurant, we choose our favorite food. Despite variety of their choices, usually a family choose similar food. That means we have our own tastes and we have alike decisions when something happens. That is because we live same place and following that we have similar life styles, eating habits and so on. I believe these kinds of things make similar thoughts in one country.
So that we can expect our country’s future and protect us from other countries.

To sum up, some people say to learn history is a waste of time, however, learning history is good ways to know the justice and ourselves well. Furthermore we can make a better country and protect us in the right way from knowing history.
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