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제   목 : animal experiments  
이름 : 박영미 날짜 : 2019-05-07
Animal experiments are a quite controversial issue from the past. Some people insist that it is inevitable for human lives, however, others think it is so crucial and useless. I firmly believe that we can survive without these kinds of experiments.

To begin with, through animal experiments, we can have a lot of benefits. When we think about developing medicines, we are able to calculate the possible results from the experiments. How can we use new medicines before guaranteeing they are safe for humans. Besides, the experiments could be the cheapest way to get results and to be believed a reliable way to check a toxicity for many years by humans.

On the other hand, others claim that animal experiments can not accurate for humans. Human body reactions are different from other animals. We can consume from the experiments, but we can not be sure. So the study becomes useless. In this case, they are just crucial for animals without any benefits. Furthermore, our science technology are getting developed more and more. Now we can make a fake skin and it is possible that a computer system can simulate the reactions from new medicines and so on.

In conclusion, I strongly insist animal experiments should be banned gradually. Even though some believe that animal experiments have plenty of benefits, they can not give us the right answers. Moreover, we can find better ways for the results ,which are what we exactly want, with excellent new technologies. We should attempt and concern to find for it intensely, instead of killing innocent animals.
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