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제   목 : Work and life balance  
이름 : 박영미 날짜 : 2019-05-13
In modern society, we have a lot of positions in many places. At work, we have to be excellent employees, at home, we have jobs to do, and even between a relationship with lovers we should be done something for each other. In this busy life, how can we manage these kinds of jobs with a good balance?

As I mentioned earlier, nowadays, our lives are so busy due to lots of positions for living. So some people say it is nearly impossible to do all in the perfect way. I totally agree that we should focus on what we have to do in one place and one time.

Firstly, when we are at work, we are workers. So we need to communicate to other co-workers and do our job, not to check personal e-mails or not to talk on the phone for personal needs. Multi-play may make us confuse, furthermore, it is so hard to finish our jobs in time. This means that when we are at home, not to think about company works. As a matter of fact that I do not think our worries at home make the situations better. Quality is important for our lives and I firmly believe that we can get the quality when we are concentrated on one job.

Secondly, some people insist that each of positions are too heavy for them, but they can not let them just go. In this case, we should find our support systems. They could be their parents, neighbors or friends. I think that we will able to find them, even though we have to pay for them or lose something. So we should measure with looking both sides carefully and find out the best ways for that.

In sum up, we are not supermen or superwomen. We are just human-beings. We can not do everything, moreover, we can not do whatever we want. I assume that we need to focus on the thing one by one and find reliable supporters. So we can have good balances between work and others.
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