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제   목 : Metal strew accident.  
이름 : 박영미 날짜 : 2019-07-16
Elena Struthers-Gardner,60, suffered horrific brain injuries after the freak accident at her home. She was carrying a mason jar glass with a screw top lid when she collapsed. The 10 inches stainless steel straw entering her left eye socket and piercing her brain last November.
As soon as her partner found her lying on the floor, called 999. When she went to the hospital, a couple of specialists told the partner there was nothing to do for her.
She was suffered with mobility difficulties following a horse riding accident when she was 21 years old. Because of the accident, she took a high level of Fentanly and became alcohol dependent. Her spine was not good. However, her family members denied the cause of the accident from those reasons.
As far as I’m concerned, there will be a controversial debate whether to use metal strews for environment or not for our own safety.
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