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제   목 : Costs soar at hotel of mum and dad.  
이름 : 박영미 날짜 : 2019-09-05
Costs soar at hotel of mum and dad.

About a quarter of young adults in the UK aged 20`34 live at home, a figure has been growing steadily for 15 years. Many returning adult children enjoy home comforts such as cooked meals, a full fridge and cleaning, as well as their bills being covered by the “ hotel of mum and dad , according to a survey. As a result, the average cost to the hoteliers has gone up sharply. In 2018, kidults’ average months in their parents were 9.7 months and while parents were incurring costs of around 895 pounds. On the other hand, in this year months is 10 and cost is over 1600 pounds. Hence, parents are under huge emotional pressure to help children, at the same time, they are struggling with their finances.
The researcher found that the more young people with more debt which is due to student loans, credit card debt, or payday loans.
The reasons of why adult children move to parents’ houses are 18% in debt, 12% in losing their jobs, 27% in can’t afford to pay rental houses.
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