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행복예감에서 지원되는 writing지원중 Essay(수필)입니다. 전화영어 수강자들께서는 Essay를 읽고 로그인후 영작첨삭지도 게시판에 남겨주시면 강사분께서 확인후 답변을 드립니다.
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Teachers in a sense are administrators. A teacher does not just prepare lessons and lead a discussion or lecture. Morally speaking, a teacher has the noble obligation to administer to the needs of her students who may in some cases require special attention from the teacher. By and in the line of teaching profession, a teacher has to face a variety of attitudes from the different personalities he/she has to handle in a class or even in all her classes depending on what year she teaches.

From experience, we find notable teachers who have the inherent desire to assist, to lift, to give comfort and hope when situations require. They are the kind of teachers who do not look at their occupational remuneration equally with their human values. This is the kind of teacher who cannot avoid the task of caring and gently handling a class with mixed-up genders.

Since we now live in a generation where the society become so permissive and passive even past feeling about the once clandestine and inhibited third sex personality, it is inevitable to openly encounter lesbians and gays in school.

Speaking for myself, in this matter, I believe everybody claims privilege of being what we chose to be according to what we conveniently desire, thus, we should accept everyone as they are.

So how will I handle homosexual students in my class? Being a facilitator and a nurturer, I would direct my whole class to treat these homosexual students with respect. As a knowledge provider, a molder, a change agent, and a counselor, I believe as a teacher I am under the moral obligation to exert some extra effort to help these homosexual students to be the best that they can be and “hopefully” to open their eyes to the truth of what they lack, and what they must try to discover to escape their disheveled personality because I believe that everyone has the ability to control the conditions they have whether they are born with it or they have inherited it or acquired it through social and psychological influences but at the same time, I would also make them feel that their being homosexuals will not stand in their way of attaining their future role in this society.