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The movie "My Fair Lady" satisfies the four elements that define fine arts. These elements include music, dance art and drama. Although the movie is set in a different time period, it still manages to successfully convey the important facets of fine arts.

The movie "My Fair Lady" is a 1960's musical, originally adapted from a play, Pygmalion. There are several different types of music included in the film. For example, one of the romantic songs is "I Could Have Danced All Night", which is sung by Eliza Doolittle. While there are quite a few romantic songs, the movie also includes witty songs, such as "I'm Just an Ordinary Man". Overall, the music in the film was excellent and made it enjoyable for the viewer.

The movie also presents very strong dramatic tendencies. The actors do an excellent job in bringing the original Broadway play to life. Audrey Hepburn, for example, does an excellent job playing the young, illiterate flower girl Eliza Doolittle. In addition, Rex Harrison does and amazing job playing the professor of phonetics, Henry Higgins. Everything from the plot, to the costumes, to the background music, adds to the drama of the film.

The movie also demonstrates art through several sets, costumes and lighting. Art is very easily recognizable and plays an important role in the movie. For Example, the interior of Higgins's house, such as the library with its sliding ladder, represents a popular style of architecture for the time. Also, the difference in Eliza's outfits beginning from when she was a poor flower girl, to when she became a duchess, demonstrates the different levels of style in society.

There are a few dance numbers involved in the movie "My fair Lady". Many of these are performed individually, rather than involving the entire cast. Dance is used in the movie to show the growth of relationship between Eliza and Higgins. Dance is also used as part of Eliza's education, when she must learn how to dance like a duchess.

From art to music, the movie "My Fair Lady" is a very good example of all the different aspects of fine arts. Though considered a musical film, "My fair Lady" also contains classic musical ideas, as well as important ideas about art in general. Due to its adaptation from a play, "My Fair Lady" contains excellent examples of drama, dance and music. Art is also represented very well due to the costumes and sets of this time period